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Ivory Mist Teepee

Ivory Mist Teepee


Ivory Mist  Elegant in lace

It’s the perfect gift for your little dreamer or for the stylist in you! The Ivory Mist lace has an incredibly delicate look and we love styling it with equally soft tone of soft pink and a touch of gold to bring out the elegance. A soft grey play mat would be the perfect base to fill the space. Whilst lace, it is still durable for your little adventurer. 

This Limited Edition Teepee brought back plenty of memories for us. It reminded us of Mum’s lace table cloths and the princess tents we created from it. We remember hours spent filling that special tent with dolls and cushions as we had tea with our friends.


Length: 175CM

Base: 1m x 1m wide

Weight: 3.5Kg


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