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Alfie Duck

Finally  a rubber ducky that is actually made from natural rubber! Not the cheap plastic ones made from unknown sources such as yellow polyvinyl chloride. Your baby sucks on their bath toys so make sure they are safe as well as cute!  Hevea ducks are made from natural rubber taken from the Malaysian rubber tree.

Plastic ducks – indeed most plastic toys – contain Bisphenol A or BPA, which helps to make plastic soft, clear and shatterproof. It is widely accepted now that BPA disrupts the body’s hormone system and can contribute to developing diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

BPA is banned from baby feeding bottles but not bath toys yet. You can take charge or your baby’s health by only using Natural Rubber Bathtoys and politely declining any cheap bath toys given to you as gifts.

Hevea Bath Toys  are made from 100% natural rubber – there are no holes, no bugs, no plastics and no BPA. The only risk is to your clothes  from all the splashing.


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